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GEORG BREUER Berg Roseneck Riesling 2011

dry white wine, 0.75 L
Germany / Rheingau
Grape varieties

To achieve a stringent selection in the Grand Cru wines, we have been combining the second best sites from the top single vineyards to create our Terra Montosa, since the vintage 1990. The name “Terra Montosa” comes from Latin “steep land” found in a certificate dated 1074, which records the original wine growing history of the vineyards in the Rüdesheim slopes.

Colour: brilliant pale yellow with green tints.
Nose: aromatic with floral characters of rose bushes.
Palate: dry with a refined fruitcharacter and light body. A sensual wine.
Food pairing:  seafood, fish dishes.
Serving suggestion: 12-14°C.

27 300
34 100