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MASI Corbec 2015

dry red wine, 0.75 L
Argentina / Mendoza / Uco valley
Grape varieties

The Masi Tupungato vineyards have always been managed with complete respect for the Argentinean land where we are a guest. In fact, Passo Doble, Passo Blanco and Corbec are made with organic methods of agriculture.

Full-bodied and lively red with good intensity – cosmopolitan and trendy in style. A modern, innovative wine made in the Masi Tupungato La Arboleda estate in Argentina, using Masi’s expertise in the appassimento method. The elegance of the Corvina grape, with its tastes of super-ripe cherries and velvety texture, is combined with the exuberant virility and tannins of the Malbec grape to produce an outstanding taste and aroma profile.

Colour: impenetrable dark red.
Nose: intense bouquet of fruits-of-the-forest and conserves, with hints of mint and cinnamon.
Palate: smooth and full bodied with flavours of plums and cooked cherries. Long, bitter cocoa finish.
Food pairings: just like Amarone, good with strongly flavoured foods: grilled or roast red meat and mature cheeses. Excellent pairing with spicy vegetable dishes or with the traditional “parmigiana”.
Serving temperature: 18° C.
Ageing potential: potential for long ageing.

16 500