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GANCIA Vermouth Bianco

vermouth, 1 L
Italy / Piedmont

Colour: straw yellow color.
Nose: particularly delicate taste whilst maintaining its intensity, the result of a sophisticated mix of crushed herbs and spices combined with an alcoholic mix, the base of which is wine.
Palate: sweet and velvety, full and harmonious.
Food pairing: a classic, refined pre-dinner long drink, which can be can be created into unique and imaginative cocktails; excellent served straight with two cubes of ice and lemon.
Serving temperature: 6-8°C.
Primary ingredients: preferably young wines and specific herbs.
Production process: the production process is divided into three phases. Initially a very delicate wine is chosen, in order to ensure a smooth union with the natural extracts of herbs and spices that will then be mixed with it. Then the herbs are processed. These herbs are in part well-known, and in part derived from exotic varieties, the essences of which are extracted to a liquid containing around 30° alcohol content, which contains their active ingredients. Finally the process ends when the fortified wine, sugar and herb extracts are mixed together and filtered before being refined in a tank. At the end of the manufacturing process the product is evaluated and then bottled.

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