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Yerevan Brandy Company revives legendary Yerevan blend

«The pink city», which received this epithet due to the unique architecture made of tuff, embodies the glory of times and the pulsating rhythm of modernity. Bright, colorful, saturated and multifaceted Yerevan — a city of endless hospitality, incredible generosity and infinite human warmth celebrates 2800th anniversary this year. On the occasion of the historic jubilee Yerevan Brandy Company – one of the irreplaceable symbols of the capital presents the revival of legendary Yerevan brandy. The blend of the great master blender Markar Sedrakyan was created back in 1947 setting a new benchmark in the world brandy making. A brandy with a 57% strength was an innovation of its time. The 10-year-old Yerevan brandy, which has won a number of awards, is recreated by master's original blend and has a rich amber color with a unique gold reflection. The aroma of ARARAT Yerevan features creamy caramel, linden honey, almonds and smoky prunes. Lively, full-bodied taste with tones of dried fruits and toasted nuts finishes with pleasant burning and notes of citrus. “Recreated vintage brandy is akin to the process of restoration. You should recreate the original very carefully without a right to fade any single color or note. Of course this is always interesting but also incredibly challenging,” says Hamlet Antonyan, production director of Yerevan Brandy Company. Considering the rare organoleptic of the brandy, experts suggest two unusual ways of serving to discover the blend: cooling the brandy to a temperature of 12 – 140 C beforehand or adding an ice cube to a glass of brandy. A gift to the jubilee of the city - the recreated Yerevan blend will be presented in an elegant packaging decorated with illustrations of the most famous places of the capital. The panorama of Yerevan will also be revealed on the label of Yerevan, which will complete the vintage collection of ARARAT available only to the residents of Yerevan and guests of the capital. Following the well-known idea that "everyone has his/her own Yerevan" a unique offer of making “your Yerevan” by ordering your name on the special label complementing the brandy will be available at ARARAT museum of Yerevan Brandy Company. The renaissance of the legendary blend timed to the jubilee of the capital not only highlights the inseparable connection of ARARAT with the cultural and historical heritage of Yerevan, but also opens the new facets of the old city. Indeed, the modern city of unique museums, cozy streets, interesting people and, of course, incomparable jazz has always remained the center of rich history and piercing avant-garde. The Vintage collection of ARARAT – a series of revived brandies produced at Yerevan Brandy Company at different times. All the blends of the vintage collection are recreated by the original recipes and recreate the master-samples of famous brandies. In 2015 the first brandy from the series was introduced in a limited quantity - legendary Armenia.

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