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ARARAT 25 Years of Independence

brandy, 0.75 L
Armenia / Yerevan

Character: ARARAT 25 has a rich multifaceted taste, which includes shades of dark chocolate, toasted bread, and sweet raisin. The drink reveals notes of black coffee, oak, and pepper and ends with a long sweet aftertaste of vanilla.
Moment: ARARAT 25 is an exceptional brandy, created from ARARAT signature blends and rare spirits kept in the treasury of the Yerevan Brandy Company, which were aged in oak barrels for a half-century. It shows the strong devotion of Armenian Brandy makers to their native land and the people of Armenia.
Legend: on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Armenia’s Independence, Yerevan Brandy Company has released a limited edition brandy – ARARAT 25. This 25-year-old brandy is presented in an elegant bottle and a gift box decorated with the Coat of Arms of Armenia.

79 000