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ARARAT Five Stars with ARARAT Ani & ARARAT Akhtamar 0.05 mini bottles

brandy, 0.7 L
Armenia / Yerevan

Five years old ARARAT Armenian brandy is a classic representative of the ARARAT range. For this blend, special brandy distillates are used, and they gave it a bright character and fullness of taste. Our master blenders use spirits dericed exclusively from the luscious grapes of Ararat Valley. It gives its best taste qualities to the legendary drink. Two majestic peaks adorn the stylish gift package, the label and the ARARAT bottle itself, symbolizing the birthplace of the iconic brandy.

Important details
Color: Amber color with a noble golden sheen. It looks as if sunrays are stored inside of it.
Taste: Bright with caramel tones, toffee and fresh homemade pastry notes.
Aroma: Sweet peaches and plums complemented by hints of vanilla and cinnamon.


11 000