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ELENA WALCH 20/26 Rosé 2017

ELENA WALCH 20/26 Rosé 2017

dry rosé wine, 0.75 L
Italy / Alto Adige / Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT
Grape varieties

In fact the name, 20/26 refers to the 20 degrees babo (the Italian equivalent of Brix sugar measurement) at which the grapes were pressed and 26, the degrees Celsius at which they were fermented. Finally, the sugar content as well as the temperature of fermentation give the wine its name

Colour: lucid ruby red.
Nose: a fruity bouquet of red berries and cherries with a little pepper in the background.
Palate: the blend renders this wine stimulating and fresh, with elegant drinkability and a fresh, youthful finish.
Food pairng: as an aperitif, fish-based main dishes, fish-based pasta or rice dishes, meat or mushroom-based main dishes, meat or mushroom-based pasta or rice dishes.
Serving temperature: 12°C.

7 875
11 250