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GALIL MOUNTAIN Sela Vineyard Upper Galilee 2016

dry red wine, 0.75 L
Israel / Upper Galilee
Grape varieties
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Sela Vineyard is produced from Syrah grapes grown in our vineyard near Kibbutz Malkiya. The vineyard’s initial vines were planted in 2005, with additional plots planted in 2012. The vineyard produces grapes of extraordinary quality. Located near the Lebanese border, 726 meters above sea level, Sela Vineyard is one of the Upper Galilee’s highest quality vineyards. Endowed with optimal climatic conditions and calcareous terra rossa soil that enables water percolation and absorption, the vineyard yields robust fruit with concentrated.

Color: Robust wine with an intense purple color.
Nose: Sela Vineyard presents characters of black raspberry, blueberry, bitter chocolate, coffee, mineral earth and French oak.
Palate: Bouquet of raspberry, strawberry and Mediterranean herbs preps the palate for flavors of blackberry, cassis, vanilla, lavender and black pepper.
Food pairing: Red meat, pasta and cheese.
Serving temperature: 18°C.

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