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OREMUS Mandolás Dry Furmint 2017

dry white wine, 0.75 L
Hungary / Tokaj-Hegyalja / Tokaji DOP
Grape varieties

A different expression of Tokaj

The Tokaj legend has grown and grown in its four-hundred years of history; but it was not until 1630 that the greatness of the Oremus vineyard was first spoken of. Today it is the one which receives greatest universal acclaim. Mandolás is one of the Oremus vineyards and it is only planted with Furmint, the noblest variety of the region.

Mandolás is a surprising wine. Its essence is young, ground-breaking, revolutionary and not frightened to explore... and is able to enrich the winemaking tradition of a region as distinguished as Tokaj. A different wine that has managed to break from the past, giving impetus to Tokaj's new present, where dry white wines, led by Mandolás, are proving to be innovative.

Mandolas wine presents us with perfect richness and fine aromas, combined with a fresh natural acidity. It is the result of a unique climate and soil in a world, that demands a laborious and careful production. The wine is aged in 136-litre small barrels, which are typical of the region. The legend of Mandolás continues...

This wine is ready for drinking now but may potentially be stored for approximately 10 years under optimum conditions (12-14 ºC) at 60% relative humidity, at a constant temperature, and protected from direct light. Optimum drinking temperature is 10 ºC.

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