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VALDESPINO Amontillado Tio Diego

sherry, 0.75 L
Spain / Andalusia / Jerez - Xérès - Sherry D. O.

Like all Amontillados, Tio Diego began life as a Fino. The grapes came from the single vineyard 'Inocente' in the famous Pago Macharnudo, and the must was fermented in oak butts. The wine then aged for over 8 years under a veil of flor yeasts in the Inocente solera before being transferred to the Tio Diego solera to continue ageing for at least another 8 years in the absence of flor and taking on a complex range of oxidative notes in addition to those of the flor.

Coulour: amber coloured wine.
Nose: complex on the nose with distinct hazelnut aromas.
Palate: dry, full, elegant and well balanced.
Food pairings: it makes a perfect aperitif and harmonises well with meat and game dishes.
Serving temperature: best served slightly chilled.

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