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№ 1 premium Vodka in the world, № 5 best-selling spirit in the world. The main ingredients in Absolut Vodka are water and winter wheat. The water is drawn from a deep well in Åhus where it is protected from impurities. Winter wheat is sown in autumn and harvested in autumn of the following year. Throughout the year, the wheat grows under the Swedish snow and sun, developing its robust husk. Distilled over a hundred times, Absolut Vodka is exceptionally pure, containing only natural ingredients and no added sugar. 
History In his pursuit of the ultimate form of purity, Lars Olsson Smith developed a unique vodka recipe in 1879, naming it “Absolut rent Brännvin” or “absolutely pure Vodka”. True to his pioneering spirit, Lars Olsson Smith’s procedure was revolutionary in that it relied on continuous distillation. The Absolut distillery was built in Åhus, a small village in southern Sweden, and every bottle of Absolut Vodka is produced there to this day. 
Tasting & Serving Absolut Vodka can be drunk straight, iced, or in cocktails where it ties a multitude of flavours together. Flavoured Absolut is a key ingredient in many cocktails, from old favourites to new inventions. Buy ABSOLUT Vodka online at VINO&VINO wine and spirits store and enjoy free delivery in Yerevan.