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From the fertile land of the Tavoliere, majestic olives with a rustic flavor and crunchy pulp grow. It is here that my family has always and with love dedicated itself to the cultivation of Bella di Cerignola olive trees, since 1890, in this ancient place, immersed in the suggestive Apulian countryside.It is cultivated in a restricted area concentrated in the Cerignola countryside.It is the largest olive in the world with an elongated and pot-bellied shape. The pulp is compact and juicy to the bite.  Green or black in color, this typical variety of Puglia has conquered tables all over the world thanks to its very high quality. Its cultivation has always been an activity of great importance for Cerignola, a municipality in the province of Foggia in the north of Puglia, from which the fruit takes its name. In this setting, the Fratepietro farm cultivates these special olives, respecting the seasonal cycles of nature. To preserve beauty and integrity, the staff picks the olives by hand directly from the tree when they have reached the right degree of ripeness. Carefully selected, they are transformed and preserved in water and salt, according to ancient family recipes.

THE TRUE ESSENCE OF PUGLIA OLIO is the 100% Italian medium fruity extra virgin olive oil of Bella di Cerignola and Coratina olives. The blend, cold pressed, is the true essence of Puglia in the oil field. The Fratepietro recipe is unique and unusual, having balanced two oils very different in tone and presence. The result is a sweet and new flavor, delicate like the scents of the blooming countryside of the Tavoliere. The milling within a few hours of harvesting gives exceptional characteristics of taste, a bright green color and an intense smell of olive.