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Compagnie des Indes rums are produced with great care and elegance. The idea was brought to life in memory of the former East India Company from the seventeenth and eighteenth century that selected rare commodities from distant continents and imported them to their countries. Like them, we select only the best qualities of rum from all over the world and import these to Europe. No matter if we speak about single casks or carefully selected blends – we always focus on bringing out the character and qualities of each local origin.  Discover fantastic rums of amazingly different styles from various countries from all over the world. Enjoy our wonderfully fruity rums like CARAIBES or LATINO that thrill at any opportunity and any occasion. Discover the powerful, rich taste of a traditional rum nation Jamaica when it comes to our JAMAICA Navy Strength. Continue your journey exploring various exclusive single casks from illustrious countries like Indonesia, Fiji or Guadeloupe. Incomparable taste experiences are guaranteed! Compagnie des Indes returns the authentic taste of rum, which is a lot more that just being “sweet”. Our rums represent the origin of each respective country and inspire by their diversity of flavors – therefore we do not need any additives or sugar. Have fun exploring! Never too heavy or too sweet in taste, we know how to keep their authenticity. Our rums are a journey through Caribbean, Latin American and even Eastern countries. Except for some blends, which we call “our rums for beginners” our products do not contain any sugar. Our idea is to deliver rum that taste like rum with all its edgy characteristics – or as we say: simply wonderful rum. All our single casks are the fruit of barrels carefully selected for their qualities. Sometimes bottled as Full Proof, either reduced to the osmosis water (devoid of any taste or sediment) these rums, representative of their origins, are authentic and elegant.