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FIJI Water

Since its inception in 1996, FIJI Water has been committed to doing business responsibly and seeking opportunities to make a difference. That means investing in sustainability, the environment, and local communities while focusing on meaningful issues with like-minded partners to enable positive change. The FIJI Water Foundation is a charitable trust funded and supported by the owners, employees, and corporate affiliates of FIJI Water, with a focus on sustainability and improving the lives of native Fijians since 2007. In partnership with nonprofit environmental organization Conservation International, FIJI Water is working to preserve the purity and biological wealth of the Fijian islands. In addition to landmark achievements like securing a long-term lease of 40,000 acres of rainforest land in the Sovi Basin, these large-scale reforestation and conservation efforts create sustainable jobs and income sources for local communities.
Over 1.600 miles from the nearest continent, purified by Equatorial trade winds, surrounded by ancient, dormant volcanoes it gathers minerals and electrolytes that create FIJI water's soft, smooth taste protected and preserved naturally from external elements bottled at the source, untouched by man, until you unscrew the cap.