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Aregak brandy factory begun it’s own history more than 140 years ago. It was founded in 1874 in the heart of the Ararat Valley - in village of Dalar. The first bottle of brandy was produced in 1889. In 2018 we created a new product’s range and started to produce organic fruit vodkas.The MAGIC TREE organic vodka was created using an original formulation and has a soft taste and a pronounced fruity scent. The refined Botaniquе style design is a combination of apothecary craft.The MAGIC TREE organic vodka is a combination of tradition and innovation. One of its production secrets is the usage of choice fruits for distillation. However, that is not all. We use real blending to get unusual taste nuances. This vodka surprises and instantly acquires new lovers due to combination of original technology, ancient formulations and a new bold view on quality alcohol. The MAGIC TREE is a mix of following factors: - pure organic ingredients; - traditional distillery; - proprietary receipts; - special blend; - sugar-free production; - aging in oak barrels; - the premium design. proprietary receipts;The Magic Tree range was created considering the craft drink consumer’s preferences. The Magic Tree Honey Apricot is produced from several distillates. And the main secret is in ageing apricot and young vine distillates in brandy oak barrels and in addition of natural mountain honey to the formulation. This beverage produces a delightful aromatic chord and is consumed with ease and softness, leaving no traces of alcohol.The Magic Tree fruit distillates are considered an organic drink. Only natural products, such as ripe apricot, white and black mulberry, mountain honey and crystal clear water from natural springs are used during production. We do not use fruits grown with GMOs and chemical fertilizers. All fruits and berries used in the Magic Tree range are hand-picked and tested in the factory’s laboratory. and strict, almost perfumery moderation