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A Land
Land dedicated to greatness, to art. The land of legendary wine. Land that commands attention, builds character, and anchors inspiration to become the great domain of possibility. Miraval's land is organized into dry-stone terraces. Each vineyard is located at an average altitude of 350 meters, perfectly elevated for a soaring balance of harmony and freshness. A vineyard - amazing muse - a symphony of noble materials wrapped in unique daylight, caressed by the cool of the night. A vineyard that is an offering to passion and creative inspiration. From deep ground to heavenly heights, aiming to combine the natural with the eternal.
A Light
Particular attention is paid to the light at Miraval. The light ceaselessly bathes the estate. To its benevolence, its ability to envelope desire, illuminate passion, and give life to artistic possibility. One light, inspiring and magnified by the creation of masterful work. Sense the light. The illumination that caresses desire.
A Soul
With its legendary recording studio, Miraval offers an artistic atmosphere like no other. The clear piano notes once played by the legendary French jazzman Jacques Loussier still resonate in this extraordinary land, devote to the never-to-be-forgotten. Home of Peerless vineyard, this land has always been a haven of inspiration for artists. There and only there are they guided by soul and inspiration along the paths of beauty to the unexpected, giving rise to the exceptional. Capture the soul, invite the unexpected.
An Inspiration
The savor-faire of the Perrin family is united with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's artistic sensitivity. Together, these two formidable forces arouse the exceptional and the unforgettable. two forces come together in a unique passion for art. Then surrender suddenly to the inspiration that leads to beauty.