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An Eden vineyard of “Areni” and “Voskehat” high-quality grapes has been established since 2005 on a waterless, uncultivated plot of land of the world’s first wine press in front of the Areni-1 bird cave. The vineyards are located at an altitude of 1233 m above sea level, and as a result, the grapes have high-quality indicators. The way from viticulture to winemaking was long and full of obstacles. In 2019, the Nor Areni winery was established, where, preserving the centuries-old winemaking traditions of the Areni community, and equipping it with modern technologies and equipment, a very limited amount of red, white, and rose wines were produced from that vineyard for the first time.
Areni-1 cave In the heart of Vayots Dzor is situated Areni-1 cave, also known as “Bird Cave”. During the excavations in 2007, findings related to winemaking were found in the cave. The structural features of the cave made it possible to use it as a winepress, the compressed grapes flowed in a special sloping place, where they matured to the appropriate degree. Huge vases were buried in the ground near the vineyard, in which the remains of grapes and hollow reed stems were found. At present, this wine complex is considered to be the oldest in the world and attributes to the 4th millennium BC. No one lived inside the cave, and the consumption of wine was a ritual for them. Areni-1 cave In 2008, the world’s oldest shoe was discovered in the Areni-1 cave. Areni 1 shoe or a 5500-year-old leather shoe was in excellent condition. It is several hundred years older than “Ötzi the Iceman”, which is the oldest piece of leather shoe in the world. According to the excavated archeologists, the footwear dates back to 3600-3500 BC.