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BLACK KNIGHT Icewine 2016

sweet white wine, 0.375 L
Germany / Rheinhessen
Grape varieties

Icewine is made from grapes that have frozen on the vine. The frozen grapes are then picked and pressed. The ice crystals are filtered out and only the concentrated, sweet juice that remains is used to make the wine. The ice crystals are just frozen water, so by filtering them out all the other components of the grape juice, including sugar, are left behind and concentrated.


Colour: the wine itself is much thicker than a normal wine, it reminded a golden syrup both in color and consistency.
Nose: dried fruits are the first association if you smell on the glass: dates, figs, apricots! In addition grades of honey, banana, and mango. A unique one Fragrance that continues in the mouth: Creamy with pleasant sweetness, juiciness, and a lot of extracts.
Palate: the syrupy, beguiling sweetness is on the palate skillfully of nice acidity and fresh fruit added.
Food pairings: icewine is the grandiose companion of festive occasions and an excellent aperitif but also promises a brilliant finale - especially with fruity desserts, Ice cream, or sorbets. An interesting composition results the enjoyment with ripe noble mold cheese.
Serving temperature: 6-8°C.

12 480
15 600