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NONINO Amaro Nonino Quintessentia

, 0.7 L

Quintessentia of herbs with a portion of ÙE®, Nonino Grape Distillate, aged in barriques. All natural ingredients and vegan friendly.Amaro Nonino Quintessentia® is ennobled by ÙE® Grape distillate aged at least 12 months in Limousin, Nevers and small Ex-Sherry casks in the aging cellar "Amaro Nonino" under the seal of the Customs Agency.
Colour: amber yellow color.
Nose: scent of orange zest, marmelade, thyme and menthol with exotic notes like mangp.
Palate: lnice mix of sweet and bitter on the palate, perceptible pepper and liquorice; cocoa aftertaste.
Serve cold at 6°C or 7°C or with ice.

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