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TENUTA LUCE Luce Della Vite 2018

dry red wine, 0.75 L
Italy / Tuscany / Tuscany
Grape varieties

Colour: The color of wine - deep, rich ruby ​​red.
Nose: The aroma of wine a complex and multifaceted: first, clearly felt the bright notes of fresh berries (in the first place - a black currant and raspberry), then in their background appears a light tone of sweet vanilla.
Palate: Taste wine has a pleasant freshness, hints of ripe fruit, notes of dried flowers and hot spices. Dense and silky tannins give the wine a powerful structure. In the aftertaste felt mineral and spicy notes. 
Food pairing: The wine goes well with grilled meats, game and mature cheeses. 
Serving temperature: 18°C

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