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Chivas Regal is the most prestigious premium blended Scotch whisky in the world, with annual sales of nearly 50 million bottles across all continents. This whisky of impeccable reputation is produced in Speyside, a picturesque part of mountainous Scotland, is regarded as an epitome of exquisite Scotch whisky in 150 countries. The history of this outstanding scotch started in 1801, in a high-class emporium in Aberdeen, which began supplying the city’s elite with the finest food, whiskies and wines. The whiskies sold here were particularly renowned, and the nobility and people of the high stratum often made a long journey to purchase them from the brothers. However, in 1830s James and John Chivas brothers, who became the owners of the store, aspired for more: they dreamt to create whiskies with more refined taste and aroma, and, blending the most exquisite and expensive whiskies in their stock, eventually achieved the perfection they were striving for. Queen Victoria, who loved the magnificent scenery of Scotland, liked to rest in this beautiful country, hence, in the outskirts of Aberdeen, the Balmoral castle was built for her in the 1840s. In her journals, Queen Victoria described Balmoral as "my dear paradise in the Highlands" (the estate has been the Scottish Home of the British Royal Family ever since). With this, the necessity of providing the Queen with high-quality foods and drinks arose, and in 1843, highly valuing the unmatchable quality of Chivas Brothers’ whiskies, with the first of her Royal Warrants, the Queen granted them with the status of Royal Supplier. The high standards set by Chivas Brothers have been strictly guarded by their successors. The Master Blender of Chivas Brothers, Charles Howard, created a real masterpiece in 1909, the Chivas Regal 25-Year-Old: it was an entirely new whisky with 25 years of maturation. A historical decision to introduce it to the sophisticated palate of American high society was made. And so, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the first ultra-premium whisky in the world took New York high society by storm, reaching an unprecedented success. Within months it became the most sought-after beverage of distinguished Americans. In less than two years it was firmly established as the most talked-about drink, epitomizing the prosperity, glamour and sheer exuberance of the era. Prestigious restaurants, top-class clubs and opulent hotels such as the recently built Plaza and the Waldorf, clamoured for more supplies, which they vowed to reserve for their most distinguished clients. However, in the form of World War I and America’s Prohibition era, intervened, Chivas Regal disappeared from view and became a highly coveted collector’s item. But of course, the Chivas Regal brand didn’t disappear. In the 1950s, in the footsteps of the original followed a new premium classic: Chivas Regal 12 Year Old, and in 1997, the “Chivas Regal 18-Year-Old” was created. As well as maintaining the brand’s iconic status, these whiskies went on to win the hearts and minds of discerning whisky drinkers across the globe, becoming firmly established as the world’s most prestigious Scotch whisky brand. However, the most significant event was the long-awaited return of the legendary Chivas Regal 25 Year Old, which surpassed even the success of its ground-breaking predecessor. Invariable style, taste and quality, an unyielding desire and expertise of presenting the world with the finest whisky are values which, passing from generation to generation, lay the foundation in the outstanding success of Chivas regal whiskies. Buy CHIVAS Regal whisky online at VINO&VINO - official distribution of Pernod Ricard's portfolio brands in Armenia and enjoy free delivery in Yerevan.