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12 generations of the Muré family : Excellence handed down through the generations. In 1650 Michel Muré establishes himself as a wine grower in Westhalten, in the South of Alsace. - In 1935 His descendant, Alfred Muré, purchases the Clos Saint Landelin. - In 1966 Oscar Muré and his brother Armand move the family winery from Westhalten to Rouffach. - In 1976 René Muré takes over the domaine in 1976.

Today he continues to be involved, offering advice and much valued help. Véronique Muré, with a degree in agronomy from SupAgro Montpellier, has been responsible since 2001 for the commercial and administrative side of the domaine. Thomas Muré studied viticulture and œnology in Beaujolais. He divides his time between the cellar and the domaine’s 25 hectares (62 acres) of vines.

Since 1999 the 25 hectares of the Mure family estate have been farmed organically. Priority is given to tilling and to dense planting (about 10,000 plants per hectare), which encourages the vines to put down deep roots and stimulates biological activity in the soil. Harvesting is done entirely by hand and grapes are sorted in the vineyard. The extra care entailed in applying biodynamic practices throughout the vineyards (horn manure, horn silica, horsetail, compost etc.) contributes to healthy, well aerated soils, as well as to increased flora and fauna and the general well-being of the vines, resulting in the remarkable harmony which characterises the wines of Clos Saint Landelin. The estate’s 25 hectares have both biodynamic (Demeter) and organic (Ecocert) certification, demonstrating that no chemical or synthetic products are used.