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Jameson is the world’s N°1 Irish whiskey and is amongst the elite of the fastest growing international spirit brands in the world. When John Jameson set up his distillery in 1780, whiskey from Dublin was a spirit highly-esteemed in all corners of the world. And even then John Jameson was determined that his whiskey would be the finest in the world. Ireland is reputed to be where whiskey was invented: so he took the great Irish tradition but put his own stamp on it, doing it Sine Metu. From the very beginning he insisted on the finest ingredients by personally selecting the barley and casks and spared no time or effort in the quest for the very best. He invested in the best available distilling equipment and laid down for maturation stocks of whiskey with the body and flavour to ensure that Jameson exceeded the whiskeys on the market in terms of quality and taste. Soon, John Jameson gained a reputation for craftsmanship and for the value placed on ageing and is considered one of the pioneers of ageing in sherry casks. Long before distilleries began bottling their own whiskey, Jameson insisted that their own labels would bear the John Jameson & Son signature. These labels were a guarantee of quality from the Jameson Distillery. And this is how, today, 229 years after the foundation of the Distillery, this signature has become synonymous with superb and assured quality and John Jameson’s triple distilled whisky is still number 1 Irish whiskey in the world. Buy Jameson Irish Whiskey at VINO&VINO online shop and enjoy free delivery in Yerevan.