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Martin Klipfel creates the Klipfel Domain in 1824, which is now a family estate covering 40Ha. In 1830 Martin acquires the prestigious Clos Zisser.

His son Eugène and grandson Louis Klipfel bring significant growth to the family business.
They were amongst the first to start producing « Vendanges Tardives » (late harvests) and « Sélection de Grains Nobles » (selection of noble grapes) as soon as 1921 on the Clos Zisser and on the Kirchberg of Barr, more than sixty years before the official appellation of these two vineyards.

Further developed by André Lorentz (former member of the Académie du vin de France, the renowned Academy of French wines), the family business is today run by Jean-Louis Lorentz-Klipfel as well as by his daughters Anne-Sophie, Marie and Amélie.

In the Klipfel Cellar one can find wines from 1921, 1929, 1939, 1942, 1943, 1945 or 1959.
In 1984, the Klipfel Estate is one of the first to use French oak barrels from Burgundy, the famous Red Barrels, for the maturing of its Pinot Noir wine.

Every year 1.500.00 bottles are commercialized. 20% of these sales are due to exportation to more than 25 countries, especially throughout Europe but also to the United States, China, Russia, Australia etc…