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Tequila is produced in the highlands of central Mexico from the distillate of agave. The “tequila wine” was first produced in the period of invasions by conquistadors, who introduced the craft of distillation to Mexico. They distilled traditional Mexican beverage “pulke” to produce the first tequilas in the world. Arguably no other beverage has so many stories, legends and myths related to it as tequila does. Tequila – the “nectar of gods” – embodies the traditions of Mexico, its present and past. The ancient civilization of Olmecs gave great importance to their rituals and celebrations, during which only the chosen ones, the “elite” were allowed to taste the “nectar of gods”. Tequila Olmeca is a splendid pleasure for the senses and the result of master craftsmanship heritage. It is produced at Destilería Colonial, established in Arandas, heart of the famous Altos de Jalisco Region, in Mexico, under the very careful supervision and guidance of the Maestro Tequilero. At Tequila Olmeca the authenticity and quality of Olmeca products is protected and secured. All of Olmeca Tequilas exceed the requirements of the Tequila Regulatory Council, an independent body safeguarding the Denomination of Origin of Olmeca category. Buy Olmeca tequila online from official distributor VINO&VINO in Armenia and enjoy free delivery in Yerevan.