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In 1962 19 vine growers from San Marzano, whose families had farmed the land for generations, combined their efforts to establish “Cantine San Marzano”. Through the decades this cooperative has grown significantly, attracting over 1200 vine growers, using modern and technologically advanced plants and producing elegant wines without forgetting the obligation to the very old Apulian wine tradition. Cantine San Marzano is in Apulia, in the heart of the acclaimed D.O.P. “Primitivo di Manduria” area, a strip of land between two seas, the Ionian and the Adriatic; countries and landscapes in the province of Taranto and Brindisi where vines and olive trees flourish side by side on a red soil surface. The vineyard’s soils and the Mediterranean terroir play a fundamental role in the production of high-quality wines. The region climate is extreme, the condition difficult since life stands the drought, the frost, and the sirocco winds. But in the hands of our passionate winemakers, even the fruits of our oldest bush vines become full-bodied and elegant wines, capable of considering ageing. Wines that can enrich the tasting experience beyond the most ambitious expectations.