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MASI Passo Doble 2017

dry red wine, 0.75 L
Argentina / Mendoza / Uco valley
Grape varieties

The Masi Tupungato vineyards have always been managed with complete respect for the Argentinean land where we are a guest. In fact, Passo Doble, Passo Blanco and Corbec are made with organic methods of agriculture.

A red wine with unusually high aromatic content made on the organically run Masi Tupungato estate at Mendoza, in Argentina. Modern wine with non conformist style, striking for its intense fruitiness and delicate spiciness. Its strong and exuberant character comes from the local Malbec grape, while the addition of lightly dried Corvina Veronese gives it the easy appeal and attractiveness of Venetian wines.

Colour: intense ruby red.
Nose: ripe cherries and sweet spices.
Palate: rich and intense cherry and fruits-of-the-forest flavours; good length and soft tannins.
Food pairings: good with grilled or roast red meat, chickpea balls, eggplant burgers, mature cheeses with strong flavours.
Serving temperature: 18°C.
Ageing potential: excellent when drunk young, but with a long ageing potential too.

7 000