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Refreshing Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine Options for Your Summer Picnics

Refreshing Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine Options for Your Summer Picnics

Many people consistently prefer non-alcoholic sparkling wines, including those who drive, are pregnant, take medication, or simply don't want to drink alcohol. These drinks can be served at parties, on anniversaries, and other special occasions since they have all the qualities of alcoholic beverages without having any alcohol. In order to assist you in selecting the best alcohol free sparkling winewe will first examine the history of non-alcoholic beverages and then get to know a few of them.

The origin of non-alcoholic beverages

With a centuries-long history, alcohol has developed over time to suit the tastes of its users. Although many people favored to stay away from alcoholic beverages, they were still a popular choice. With this purpose in mind, the production of non-alcoholic beverages was initiated.

Soft drinks have a long history, having originated with the Greeks and Romans who drank herbal teas, fruit juices, and other non-alcoholic beverages. In the Near East, sherbet and fruit syrups were favored, but in medieval Europe, ginger beer and lemonade were common options.

In the 19th century, demand for alcoholic beverages increased, leading to the development of beer and ginger ale, which were marketed as healthier alternatives to alcoholic beverages.

The non-alcoholic drinks today

Today, health concerns and the growth of the healthcare sector have made non-alcoholic beverages just as popular as alcoholic ones. As a result, a huge selection of non-alcoholic drinks, including numerous varieties of sparkling wine, are readily available nowadays. Below, we'll explain how to select the best alcohol-free sparkling wine.

The types of non-alcoholic sparkling wines

There are various varieties of non-alcoholic sparkling wines, just like there are alcoholic ones. Pink and white versions are common options.

Alcohol free sparkling white wine

What is non-alcoholic sparkling white wine? Although it contains no alcohol, this kind of beverage resembles an alcoholic sparkling white wine. To produce it the same grape varietals that are used to make the alcoholic versions are used.

Typically, grape juice is fermented to produce alcohol, which can then be removed through vacuum distillation to create sparkling wine. The wine's flavor and aroma are retained during this process.

Sparkling white wines without alcohol have a crisp flavor that is reminiscent of pears, green apples, and subtle floral and mineral undertones. The type of grape and the method of production have a major influence on the taste temperament. The Vino&Vino specialized store provides the following varieties of white wines and sparkling wines.

  • HANS BAER Riesling Alcohol Free: Grape wine is produced in Germany. It has a fruity, citrus, and honey flavor. When tasting, you can feel the thick, pleasant fruity sweetness characteristic of the wine.
  • NOZECO Blanc Alcohol Free: French sparkling wine is made from several grape varieties. When tasting, you can feel the taste notes of fresh and light fruits. And the aroma reminds the combination of elegant flowers, wood, apple, and pear.

You can buy your favorite sparkling white wine and wines at the Vino&Vino liquor store, or you can order it using the store’s website.

Alcohol free sparkling rose wine

The popular Rosé alcoholic drink also has non-alcoholic versions, which lovers can enjoy without worrying about the alcohol content. The rosé variety is produced from red or rosé grape varieties and contains berry flavor notes (strawberry, raspberry, etc.). Here are some types of Rosé sparkling wine and rose wine that do not contain alcohol and you can get them from Vino&Vino.

  • NOZECO Rosé  Alcohol Free: In contrast to the brut alcohol sparkling wine this French dry rosé wine can be preferred by anyone since it doesn’t contain alcohol. It has a rich fruity aroma and is a great choice for those who prefer dry drinks and avoid alcohol.
  • HANS BAER Pinot Noir Alcohol Free: German rosé wine made from grapes that is sparkling and non-alcoholic. The beverage smells of juicy cherries and has a soft pink color. You can still taste the fresh flavor of the berries after drinking.

As a result, the beloved Rosé beverage of many can also be made without alcohol.

By visiting Vino&Vino's official website, you can browse through the store's extensive beverage selection and select your preferred flavor.


For every holiday, there are non-alcoholic sparkling wines to choose from. They provide the drink's most delectable flavor notes despite having no alcohol in them.

Pregnant women, people who take medication, and anyone else who wants to enjoy the party without drinking alcohol can all safely enjoy these drinks.

Thus, pick up your non-alcoholic beverage from a Vino&Vino specialty store or order online by visiting the website.







Refreshing Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine Options for Your Summer Picnics Refreshing Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine Options for Your Summer Picnics

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