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Taste Sensation: Top Rum and Cheese Pairing Combinations

Taste Sensation: Top Rum and Cheese Pairing Combinations

They say rum is paired with different kinds of cheeses. A great combination of flavors that complement each other and create something richer. The secret in this is the diversity of both of these components, both cheese and rum have various profiles and tastes, and every one of those combines well with one another. In this blog, we will find out why these two have such popularity when combined, explore various rum types, and help you understand what flavors are suitable for you the best.

Why rum and cheese combine well with one another

Every rum spirit has a special flavor that is able to undertone the taste of cheese. Many people prefer rum with aged cheeses, while others combine it with young, sweet, and milky ones. Each combination creates a special flavor able to impress many. Here’s why.

  • Flavor complexity: As mentioned above, rum comes in a different range of flavors, including fruity and also floral notes. The richness of flavor types allows you to combine each spirit with various cheeses and uplift the tasting experience.
  • Flavor contrast: Rum is famous for its sweet, spicy, and also smoky tastes. These tastes are combined well with creamy, salty, or sharp flavors cheeses are known to have.
  • Personal preference: As much as there are great pairings concerning rum and cheese, the best pairing still remains the concept of personal preferences. Some people might like aged rum with a sweet milky one, while others might find it pleasing young rum with aged cheese. The choices are endless.

Thus, to find the combination best suited to your preferences, let’s explore what flavors this spirit offers.

The diversity of rum

Rum comes in different flavors, this is an advantage that allows many rum lovers to explore this beverage newly, from various perspectives.

  1. Dark rum: These types of rum are known to have a rich and strong profile. When trying it, it is possible to feel caramel notes, molasses, and also spices. Here are some examples, Compagnie Des Indes "Thailand Secret", Havana Club Anejo Especial, and AMRUT Old Port Deluxe Matured Rum. These are a rich choice that highlights the concept of rum as a spirit. You can buy dark rum online even from Vino&Vino’s website.
  2. Aged rum: The purpose of aging rum is to bring out the spirit’s complex flavors. This spirit is usually kept in barrels where it reaches its maturation and unique tastes. Here are some examples of aged rum; Havana Club 7 Años (7 years old), Compagnie Des Indes "Latino" 5 Ans (5 years old), and Compagnie Des Indes "Rhum Latino" 5ans, which comes with 2 rum cups. The aged rum can be described as smooth and subtle notes, followed by tropical fruits and more.
  3. Spiced rum: This type of rum contains various types of spices that create distinctive and often bold flavors. Here are some spiced rum examples, Remedy Rum, Ron Centenario "7 Provincias" Anejo Especial, Compagnie Des Indes "Tricorne".
  4. White rum: White rum is widely used for various cocktails. In comparison to darker rums, this variety has a lighter flavor, and here are some examples; Compagnie Des Indes "Tricorne", and Havana Club 3 Años (years old).

There are many more types of rum, each one possessing a unique taste, including honey, vanilla, coconut, and more.

Rum and cheese pairing

There is a common saying about opposites attract, which is also true about rum and cheeses. While they are two different things, they still make a great pairing with diverse taste notes.

Back to our famous saying. When combining rum and cheese, aim to combine the opposites, for example, light rum and blue cheese, or milky cheese with dark rum. In this case, they will complement each other’s flavors and balance the overall pairing experience.

Thus, if you want to really experience the rum and cheese pairing, you should concentrate on combining dark with light, whether it’s the dark rum with milky cheese, or aged cheese with a lighter and spicy rum.

In conclusion

Rum is one of the beloved beverages around the world and people pair this drink with many types of dishes, cheeses, and desserts. Pairing this drink with cheeses has given us a new perspective on rum pairing, thus, choose your favorite rum from Vino&Vino’s website, where you can buy rum even online.

Taste Sensation: Top Rum and Cheese Pairing Combinations Taste Sensation: Top Rum and Cheese Pairing Combinations

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