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Unique Drinks for 8th of March

Unique Drinks for 8th of March

International Women's Day, which we celebrate every year on the 8th of March, is the best time to celebrate the achievements of women around the world. Having come a long way, women have finally achieved long-sought freedom, equal rights, and the destruction of stereotypes. After occupying first places in all spheres of human activity, they put an end to all trends of inequality.

The role of women is also great in winemaking, there are a number of talented women who live and work in different parts of the world and are engaged in winemaking, among them: Andrea Leon, Vivianna Navarrete, Christa Scruggs, etc. They develop the field of winemaking in their own way, giving it new shades and flavors.

So, celebrating this beautiful holiday is an opportunity to show our love to the women who occupy a special place in our lives, be they our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, or friends. One way to celebrate the occasion is to create unique drinks that are both delicious and festive. Hurry to the wine shop, because we will start preparing unique and special drinks to celebrate Women’s Day.

Whiskey Jameson

Forget the stereotypes, women love whiskey too, and if it's Irish, delicious whiskey, they'll be the happiest drinking it. Jameson is the world's number-one Irish whiskey and ranks among the elite of the world's fastest-growing international brands.

When John Jameson founded his distillery in 1780, Dublin whiskey was highly regarded in all corners of the world. And even then, when the competition was great, John Jameson decided that his whiskey would be the best in the world.

And so it happened, now Jameson whiskeys are famous all over the world and millions of people enjoy this quality, delicious Irish whiskey on various holidays.

Cognac Artages

Since the 8th of March is an important holiday, the drink should also be prestigious to match the occasion.

Finding a holiday cognac is a difficult task, it should be tasty, and strong, but at the same time with subtle shades, be old, and please all tasters. Fortunately, there is such a brandy, it is an immortal brandy of 70 years of aging, the taste memories of which are preserved for a long time. We are talking about Artages brandy, this brandy is an excellent choice to celebrate the achievements of women, its taste reminds us of the strong will and unimaginable strength of women.

Rose Cocktail

Rosewater Vodka is a unique and sophisticated drink that is perfect for special occasions like International Women's Day. This drink is both beautiful and delicious, you don't need much to make it, just rose syrup, a good gin like M. Chapoutier Sothis, Plymouth Gin, etc., ice, and a happy mood.

Shake well and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with a fresh rose petal or lemon.

Creating unique drinks is a great way to celebrate this special occasion. Whether you choose straight sparkling wine, rosé champagne cocktail, whiskey, red wine, rose water cocktail, or hibiscus tea cocktail, all of these drinks are sure to impress and delight your guests.

Finally, raise a glass and toast the women who inspire and empower us all.

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