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ARTAGES Aged 12 Years

ARTAGES Aged 12 Years

brandy, 0.7 L

ARTAGES 12 narrates a story without interpretation. It is the inception in the bespoke range of ARTAGES to present the pure taste of selected brandy without diversion of any shadow. Highlighting the idea of pure appreciation, the bottle shape of ARTAGES is inspired by the style of cellar masters’ cognac sampling bottles. Eliminated all the extra details it focuses on the simplicity of packaging style to underline the idea of history that can be revealed only by those who can appreciate it. ARTAGES 12 is unique for its unexpected floral notes, the richness of which are revealed thanks to the single ce՛page approach. Extremely smooth and endlessly rich ARTAGES 12 is an invitation to discover unknown world of single ce՛page Armenian Brandies.

Color: amber gold.
Nose: hints of fruits and flowers.
Palate: rich and round taste of ARTAGES 12 is highlighted with delicate notes of fruits and flowers. Long aftertastes will bring echo of sweet cinnamon and figs/plums.

25 000