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HAVANA CLUB Selección de Maestros

rum, 0.7 L
Cuba / Havana

Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros represents the ultimate expression of the extraordinary collaboration between the members of the Guild of Masters of Cuban Rum, led by the talented Don José Navarro.

In order to create “Seleccion de Maestros”, the Maestros Roneros select together the finest aged rums that one by one had been put aside for their truly exceptional quality. Afterwards, these prestige hand picked rums are blended, then put to age again in specially selected barrels, each chosen for the powerful, aromatic potential of the wood, in which they will develop their character and intensity.

At the end of this final stage in the ageing process, the Maestros Roneros get together to select the rums that will compose the final blend, which will be bottled straight from the barrel at 45% proof. This unique finishing process, the “Cuban Barrel Proof”, gives the rum its unequalled aromatic bouquet and an exceptional quality.

Colour: a warm amber hue and a deep red glow.
Nose: toasted pecan and spice showcase the wood ageing.
Palate: a round mouth feel leads to a complex, flavourful, full-bodied palate of cocoa, coffee, sweet tobacco and brown spices. A pleasant smoky oak and spice finish combined with candied fruits give the taste experience a remarkable balance.
Serving suggestion: neat or on the rocks.

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