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Henri Bourgeois "Le MD de Bourgeois" Sancerre 2019

dry white wine, 0.75 L
France / Loire Valley / Sancerre AOC
Grape varieties

An exceptional wine from one of the finest slopes in the Sancerre appellation.

The Mont Damnés vineyard is the most iconic vineyard in Sancerre. The slopes are incredibly steep (hence damned slopes). Kimmeridgean Marls are an original and interesting feature of the Sancerre terroirs. Thanks to its unique soil composition (fossilized oyster shells), the “Côte des Monts Damnés” is one of the most famous slopes of the Sancerre appellation. Only a dozen or so wine makers out of four hundred have the privilege to possess a parcel of this soil. Bourgeois owns 40% of the vineyard holding – this will increase to 60% after another parcel has been purchased. The winery is right next to the hill and thus this vineyard is farmed fully organically. Harvest is by hand and highly selective. As with all Bourgeois wines the Sancerre MD will age well.

Colour: greenish yellow.
Nose: delicate tropical fruit aromas (a proof of ripe Sauvignon grapes).
Palate: clean mineral and fruity palate. Concentrated and well-balanced, this wine offers an authentic and fleshy Sauvignon Blanc, showing an ageing with a surprising subtlety.
Food pairing: fish, white meats, cheeses…
Serving temperature: 10-12 °C.

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