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MAISON TRENEL Crème de Framboise de Bourgogne

, 0.7 L
FRANCE / Bourgogne

Always on the lookout for the best varieties and the best terroirs for its fruit, Maison Trénel has selected an old variety, Lloyd George, for its Crème de Framboise de Bourgogne. It produces medium-sized red raspberries that are unanimous for their sweet, fruity and very fragrant taste. Harvested in June until mid-July, it is early and of good productivity. It even happens to go back to the late season.
Color: lively color, a very beautiful deep ruby ​​red with purplish reflections
Nose: its very pure nose evokes a bowl of ripe raspberries
Palate: on the palate, the freshness of this cream counterbalances the sugar to favor the finesse and concentration of the fruit. It has a nice balance and a great length
Serve with ice cubes and also can be very pleasant in association with a fresh white wine or a Crémant de Bourgogne. As a cocktail, mix 3 cl of Trénel Burgundy Raspberry Cream with 6 cl of gin, 1 cl of lime juice and 1 egg. Serve in a martini glass with some fresh raspberries.

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