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The legend of Ferrari began with a man, Giulio Ferrari, and his dream of creating a wine in Trentino capable of competing with the best French Champagnes. He was a pioneer; it was he who was the first to realize the extraordinary vocation of his area, and it was he who first made substantial plantings of Chardonnay in Italy. He started to produce a few highly select bottles, with an obsessive attention to quality. As he had no children, Giulio Ferrari began looking for a successor to whom he could entrust his dream.Among many candidates he chose Bruno Lunelli, owner of a wine shop in Trento. Thanks to his passion and entrepreneurial talent, Bruno Lunelli succeeded in increasing production without ever compromising on quality.Bruno Lunelli conveyed his passion to his sons; under the leadership of Franco, Gino and Mauro, Ferrari became the market leader in Italy and the nation’s celebratory wine par excellence.In this period, some of the Company’s wines were created, wines that were destined to go down in history: we are talking abount Ferrari Rosé, Ferrari Perlé and Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore.The third generation of the Lunelli family is keeping the Ferrari dream alive.