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5 drinks to try on New Year's Eve

5 drinks to try on New Year's Eve

New Year is one of the most popular holidays.

People work all year round to enjoy their Christmas holidays. New Year is a great holiday to spend with family and friends. Such feasts are often accompanied by delicious food and even more delicious drinks.

Wine, vodka, juices, and sometimes cognac can be found on almost all New Year's tables. It is boring to have the same dishes and drinks every year. This year let’s try something new that you have never tried before.

So, if you have good drinks, delicious food, and a New Year's playlist, you will start your new year in a good mood. Each new year begins with the bell ringing, which is announcing the new year, followed by the sound of a champagne toast. At that moment, everyone has their favorite drink, but very often it is champagne because champagne is considered to be the representative of holidays.

Now let's see what we can drink except for champagne, if not necessarily on New Year's Eve, then at least during New Year's parties.

Cognac Nairi

Nairi brandy has been enjoying the reputation of being the best brandy for many years, and decades. It serves as the best gift for all occasions and events. Birthdays, New Year, housewarmings, and other holidays and events are accompanied by Ararat brandy.

 Nairi has become the queen of cognacs, it is not even possible to imagine such a wonderful taste. It is interesting that you can meet Nairi cognacs in almost all countries outside of Armenia. You can even find it in some distant countries. When foreigners hear about Armenia, the first association they have is Charles Aznavour, and after Armenian cognac.

Thus, New Year's parties will be complete with cognac Nairi, it will simply complement all tastes and create unforgettable memories.


In ancient times, young girls used to crush the grapes with their feet, which made the preparation of wine a holiday, a feast. Now there are many wine festivals and holidays, but they no longer have the old traditions. In Yerevan, there are festivals where wine lovers get together to know and communicate with other wine lovers. It is different in regions, they gather in some fields and organize a celebration with singing and dancing. 

In ancient times, wine was the most sought-after drink. At that time, fresh, clean water was hard to find, and people preferred to drink wine instead of water to avoid poisoning.

Now there are many varieties of wines: sparkling wine, and cherry wine, but there are people who love the old and good, classic wine.

Whatever wine it is, it won't stay long on the New Year's table, because people love wine and will definitely appreciate good wine.

Nikka Whiskey from the Barrel 

A blended whisky called Nikka From The Barrel was introduced in 1985. This expression was initially created with the intention of delivering the richness and complete flavors of whisky that can only be smelled and tasted "from the barrel." The intricate blending, higher ABV (51.4%), and "marriage" process are the secret to its exquisite flavor.

The classic square bottle captures the powerful and complex tastes of the whisky inside while reflecting the idea of "a little block of whisky." This bottle has endured for a very long time and is still admired for its supreme simplicity.

Cafe՛ de Paris 

A selection of wines with a intensive, energizing flavor is called Café de Paris. The drinks are a delight to share on any occasion because they are tasty and thirst-quenching.

Café de Paris offers something to offer for every shared time, whether it be as an aperitif, with supper, or outside.

You can have a bottle of Cafe՛ de Paris and go for a picnic with your friends. Or in a nice summer evening have a glass of wine with yourself recalling pleasant memories. Sharing a drink impulsively is simple with Café de Paris.


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