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Irish vs. Japanese: Exploring the Charms of Jameson and Nikka Whiskey

Irish vs. Japanese: Exploring the Charms of Jameson and Nikka Whiskey

The two most famous whiskey-producing countries are Japan and Ireland. Both countries represent a wide range of whiskies with rich and unique flavors that have managed to find their place in the global market. In studying the history of whiskey, we've stopped at the antecedents of two of the greatest whiskies, which are the Nikka whiskey and the Jameson whiskey. The difference of which is the countries that produce them. Nikka whisky is known for its Japanese roots, and Jameson comes from ancient Ireland. Looking back, we've highlighted some of the most outstanding features of these whiskies that we are now sharing with you.


The Key Differences

It is said that Japanese whiskey sometimes resembles Scotch whisky. In Scotland, the distilleries are mainly on the islands and in coastal areas, and peat is used during the malting stage to dry the barley under natural conditions. Japanese producers also use peated barley, but do so in smaller quantities since many breweries are located at high altitudes.

This is why these two whiskies sometimes have similar taste notes. A lighter-tasting whiskey is made by lower pressurization.


The Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey is one of the first distilled drinks in Europe, dating back to the 12th century. Around 1000 B.C., Irish monks traveled to southern Europe and returned with their skills in making velvet incense, and the Irish transformed these skills into a potable spirit drink. Over time, they've been able to refine their whiskey-making skills, the most notable of which is the ability to preserve the drink for up to three years before drinking it. Since the Irish are convinced that it makes the whiskey taste richer.

As of 29 January 2016, Ireland has a special law that imposes a set of rules on the production, labeling, and marketing of Irish whiskey that follow whiskey compliance with the Department of Agriculture's 2014 Irish Whisky Technical File. 

Some of the laws relate to the process of making Irish whiskey. The whiskey must be made from whole-grain mash.

Other points relate to the classification of Irish whiskies. According to the technical file, an Irish drink is considered to be whiskey produced in Ireland (including Northern Ireland), which can be of several types.

  • Pot Still Irish Whiskey or Irish Pot Still Whiskey. A type of Irish whiskey made from a mixture of barley and malted barley in a single pot. 

  • Malt Irish Whiskey or Irish Malt Whiskey: Another type of Irish whiskey made in pot stills using 100% malted barley.

  • Grain Irish Whiskey or Irish Grain Whiskey: To obtain this type of whiskey, there are several stages of preparation, which include cleaning the wheat at a temperature of 150°C, fermentation, distillation, etc.

Whisky 40 Jameson 4.5L Ireland: a perfect blend of flavors that emphasizes the display of professionalism and experienced skills in whiskey production.


Behind The Curtains

One of the beloved Irish whiskeys is the best Jameson whiskey, which has a long and rich history to explore. The company was founded in 1780 by John Jameson, who was married and had children. In 1805, his son, John Jameson II, joined him in the whisky production process and inherited control of the family business in the same year.

The company prospered further with the help of his son, and in 1851 John James II in turn handed over the company to his son John James III. So, over the years, the company has flourished, reached new heights, and captured the public's attention. In 1988, a new partnership was formed, which added new flavors to the whiskey production process.

Now the brand is known for its rich range of flavors, which is expressed in the best Jameson bottles. A practical and affordable choice that captures the history of the last century. You can find a wealth of Jameson whiskies and their values on the website.


Discovering The Japanese Whiskey: Nikka Whiskey

Over the years, many whiskey companies have sought to improve the quality of their production in order to offer the best to the market. One of them is the Japanese Nikka brand, which now stands out for its unique taste and specialized approach. The brand was founded in Tokyo, and over the years it has established itself in the global market.

The founder was Masataka Taketsuru, who dedicated his life to the process of making real whisky in Japan. With a wealth of experience and constantly developing new skills, Masataka has managed to create his own unique style that is now enjoyed worldwide.


The Nikka Whiskey Nowadays

Nowadays, a rich blend of charcoal and wheat whiskey is available on the market, produced in Nikka's two charcoal distilleries, Yoichi and Miyagikyo. The brand represents several types of whiskey, each with its own uniqueness and flavor richness. Many whisky lovers give their preference to Nikka From The Barrel. A blended whiskey launched in 1985. The idea of creating this whisky variant was the development of a full flavor and rich whisky flavor expression, the production of which exceeded everyone's expectations.

In conclusion, each premium whisky represents not only the high quality of the particular drink, but also the rich history, culture, and flavor of the many partnerships over the centuries. By the way, many people prefer to combine whiskey with a number of dishes, and how to create the perfect combination is discussed in the following article.​ 

The country of origin of the whisky indicates the quality and rich flavor of the drink, whether it’s ancient Irland’s whiskey or the Whether it’s the best Nikka whiskey․You can order whiskey online from the rich selection always available on the website.

Irish vs. Japanese: Exploring the Charms of Jameson and Nikka Whiskey Irish vs. Japanese: Exploring the Charms of Jameson and Nikka Whiskey

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