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Sake, a unique Japanese alcoholic beverage with a fusion of traditional flavor characteristics

Sake, a unique Japanese alcoholic beverage with a fusion of traditional flavor characteristics

Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage known for its variety of flavors and different levels of quality. In Japan, the term "sake" is often used as an umbrella term for alcoholic beverages called "Nihonshu".

The Drink’s History


Sake is one of the oldest cultivated beverages in the world. Some archaeological findings show that rice as a cultivated plant entered Japan from China as early as BC. 300, Yayo period. To maintain the high quality of this beverage, the right choice of rice is a prerequisite, just like the grape variety for wine.


Common types of rice that are used for food are not very suitable for making Sake because they contain low levels of starch. That is why the Sake drink is made from specially selected "Sakamai" rice, which contains a high level of starch, which has a positive effect on the final taste of the product.


The quality and purity of the sake depend on the level of fermentation of the rice. Thus, most high-end and premium-class glasses have a brewing ratio of 50% and lower, while more affordable glasses can have a brewing ratio of 70% or higher.


The Method of Taste Classification

Sake drink has a wide variety of flavors, each of which is distinguished both by the complexity of flavor shades and their delicacy. Taste differences are generally described in two ways: sweet and dry. To determine the level of sweetness, many people use a metric system, where -15 is attributed to the highest level of sweetness of the drink and +15 to the driest level.


How to Have The Sake Drink


Usually, this drink makes a great combination with appetizers. It can also be combined with certain types of sushi (Sashimi, Nagiri) which will give a new taste, thanks to its subtle flavor notes.


This type of drink should be consumed slowly, as this is the way to experience the rich flavor nuances, and it is also one of the drinks that can be enjoyed for a long time. And to drink it properly, you have to use a small cup. The choice of cup size is not accidental, for it is used so that the full flavor of the drink can be enjoyed. Also, as a sign of respect and hospitality, it is customary in Japan to pour a drink for another. And if you want to try the drink yourself, someone else will have to fill it for you.


Rice Sake: The Drink’s Temperature

Some sources claim that Sake is also enjoyed hot, but this is a misconception. The rich flavor notes of this drink are more expressive when chilled. Therefore, it is preferable to drink it in a frozen state. In addition, the preferred chill level also depends on the quality of the drink.


The Sake Drink In Armenia


Sake has also gained recognition in Armenia, reflecting its rich culture. Here you can buy three popular types of this drink, which we will present below.


  • MAISON TAKENO Asahi Kurabu․ An unfiltered, dry, and very lightly flavored alcoholic beverage, accompanied by a delicate aroma. The tangy tone is reminiscent of the soft combination of fresh fruit and alcohol. It combines with oysters and vegetables greatly.


  • MAISON TAKENO Iwai Kurabu․ An unfiltered, dry, and rich-tasting drink accompanied by intense flavor notes. The drink variety offers fresh and fruity flavors that pair well chilled with white fish carpaccio, grilled fish, and balsamic sauce.


  • MAISON TAKENO Kamenoo Kurabu․ A dry and fresh drink accompanied by intense notes of cherry and a taste of sugared orange. It is a great combination of raw fish, vegetarian dishes, and white meat.

Sake and Meal Combinations


Sake with light and dry flavor is paired perfectly with accompaniment for sashimi, sushi, and other light meals. Sake, with a light and sweet flavor, can be paired with fish, shellfish, and lightly fried dishes.


The combination of richness and dryness can enrich the flavor of meat dishes, making them more exotic and enjoyable.



Thus, the drink, known as "Japanese wine", is also available in Armenia, thanks to which it has managed to warm and enrich many dishes, leaving unforgettable taste impressions. You can get your preferred drink on the website or by visiting a specialty store.


Sake, a unique Japanese alcoholic beverage with a fusion of traditional flavor characteristics Sake, a unique Japanese alcoholic beverage with a fusion of traditional flavor characteristics

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