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Expert Advice on Finding the Right Wine for Your Easter Feast

Expert Advice on Finding the Right Wine for Your Easter Feast

Christ was raised from the dead. Blessed is the Resurrection of Christ! At Easter, we use these special phrases when greeting each other.

This religious festival is one of the most expected of the spring celebrations and represents the restoration of Christ. Various dishes assume a vital part during the celebration, including rice, fish, spinach, katnahunc, ghapama, and, obviously, eggs. These dishes are additionally paired with drinks, the most well-known and emblematic of which is red wine. So how to choose the best wine pairing for Easter meal ? Let’s examine some wines based on expert tips for easter wine.

Red Easter Wine

Red wine comes in numerous assortments: dry, invigorated, semi-sweet and that's just the beginning. Each of these sorts makes a great pairing for choosing wine for Easter dinner.

Dry red wine: Easter wine selection

The pleasantness of a wine relies upon how much sugar is left over during maturation. Dry red wine has under 1% sugar or around 9 to 10 grams for every liter. The dryness of the wine is likewise because of natural spices in the wine, for example, tannin, which additionally gives the beverage its dry flavor notes.

Red wine types: Easter wine recommendations

  • LOIMER "Gluegglich" Rot։ Dry red wine produced from grapes, matured for a considerable amount of time. Austrian wine can be portrayed by its fresh characteristics and notes of mature natural products.
  • ALVARO PALACIOS Petalos Del Bierzo: Spanish dry red wine is likewise produced using grapes and is matured for a considerable amount of time. The beverage can be depicted as a mix of ready grape, mustard, and vanilla flavors, as well as being new, fresh, and delicious.
  • ALVARO PALACIOS Camins Del Priorat: A dry red wine with a notes of musk, grapefruit, various herbs, and white pepper, made in the Rioja region of Spain. The excellent production is reflected in the flavor and satin-like texture of the wine. Thus, a distinctively flavored wine is a wonderful addition to your Easter table.
  • BODEGAS FAUSTINO "Faustino VII" Rioja: Spain produces dry red wine from the best wines. It can also be combined with a range of Easter dishes, including fish and vegetables; in this case, the dish will receive the ideal flavor notes from the rich wine.

At Vino&Vino, you will find a rich selection of dry red wines, each of which will complement your Easter celebration.

Fortified red wine

Fortified red wines differ from regular red wines in that they contain more alcohol, typically 16–20%. The wine's flavor is richer and warmer due to the fermented spirit. Depending on the style and production method, these wines usually taste sweet or semi-sweet.

Types of fortified red wine

  • NIEPOORT Porto Vintage 2009: This variety of grape is raised in Portugal using over seven different kinds of red pepper. Oak barrels are used to age it for two years. The fruit flavor and pepper combination are the first things you notice when you taste the red wine. Its flavor is strong and concentrated.
  • NIEPOORT Porto Tawny: This kind of wine is aged for 3.5 years, but it is also made from more than seven varieties. The wine is aged in oak barrels to achieve the perfect flavor profile, providing the consumer with a magnificent, robust cocktail.
  • NIEPOORT The Junior Ruby Port: This wine is being matured for three years, reaching a dense saturation during that period. A description of the drink would be its delicious flavor with a hint of chocolate. It is also very red in colour and has a lot of notes of dark fruit.

Rich flavor notes found in fortified red wines can convey the tastes of berries as well as other berries. Your choice will therefore look great on the festive table.

Semi-sweet red wine

Wines classified as semi-sweet have the ideal balance of sweetness and bitterness. They regularly have traces of apples, pears, or different natural products.

Types of semi-sweet red wine

  • MIJNABERD Akoom Pomegranate: Fruit wine from Armenia is densely saturated. It smells unequivocally of grapefruit and has a strengthening destructiveness. The delicate flavor of the grapefruit seeds is retained in the drink's pleasant aftertaste.
  • KOTOSH Cherry: Armenian fruit wine with a light saturation. The refreshment has a 15% liquor content and a dark red tone. It pairs well with vegetarian Easter recipes.

A wine's semi-sweet flavor can change based on the grape variety, the method of production, and the aging process.


Wine pairs excellently with meat and green dishes. They are a fundamental back up and work on the kind of dish.

You can in this manner make your mix by visiting a specialty VINO&VINO wine shop and choosing the best Easter wine.

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