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The Rich History of Armenian Brandy: From Past to Present

The Rich History of Armenian Brandy: From Past to Present

The roots of Armenian brandy date back to the 19th century, when two brothers, Vasil and Nerses Tairyan, started the production of cognac. The drink was made using French technology, which at the time was considered the most advanced.

The beginning of brandy production in Armenia

Inspired by the production of the new drink, Nerses Tairyan bought land plots in the fortress of Yerevan, transforming them into rich vineyards, making them an integral component of the Armenian grape.

Thanks to mature grapes and the necessary technology, Tairyan founded the process of producing wine and brandy in Yerevan in 1874. The resulting factory was considered the first to specialize and improve production.

The Armenian brandy abroad

To reach new heights, Tairyan began to cooperate with the company known in the Russian Empire as "Shustov and Sons". Armenian cognac quickly gained international recognition, winning prizes at various exhibitions and competitions.

However, the rise of cognac began in 1900, when Shustov and Sons won the Grand Prix at the Paris World's Fair.

The famous in the past and Armenian brandy

It's no secret that in the past, many famous people preferred Armenian cognac with its many varieties. The most famous example was Winston Churchill, for whom the first choice of cognac was the Armenian Ararat cognac.

According to Churchill's daughter, the British Prime Minister first tasted Armenian cognac in Stalin's office during the Yalta Conference in 1945. After tasting the brandy, Churchill liked the drink so much that he asked Stalin how he could get a few bottles of Armenian brandy. In response, Stalin started sending 12 bottles of Armenian brandy to the Prime Minister every year. Therefore Winston Churchill armenian cognac is one of the most famous ones.

Armenian cognac brands nowadays

Armenian cognac is distinguished by its unique production process, combining local grapes and the traditional double distillation process. Aging is also an important part of the cognac production process: the barrels are often kept in underground cellars, where the spirit is delicately aged, acquiring rich layers of flavor.

Today, there are many varieties of Armenian cognac available, which are popular both in Armenia and beyond the borders of the country.

ARARAT brandy

ARARAT brandy is made from Armenian grapes, focusing on native varieties such as Voskehat and Kangun. The cognac undergoes a traditional double fermentation process, contributing to its distinctive character. The aging process is a crucial factor, as the cognac is matured in oak barrels stored in the company's ancient cellars.

ARARAT brandy types

ARARAT brandy's range varies from 3YO to 70YO offering a different bouqet in each one.

  • ARARAT 3 stars: with a spicy and fruity note.

  • ARARAT 5 stars: a more mature version, with a deeper expression of taste and smell.

  • ARARAT Akhtamar: popular choice with a harmony of flavors that also contains some sweetness.

  • ARARAT Nairi: expresses the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Armenian brandy.

  • ARARAT Vaspurakan: 15 years old, dark brown cognac, which has a delicate and sweet taste, as well as aromatic notes of Armenian dried fruits. A coffee flavor is also noticeable when tasting the drink.

    ARARAT Coffee brandy

    Another variation of Armenian cognac is distinguished from the rest of the types by its unique flavor. Unlike other cognacs, this variety contains coffee flavoring notes, which further enhance the finesse of the drink.

    The color of ARARAT Coffee Cognac can be described as dark, brown, and coffee-like. The flavor notes emphasize the coffee-to-cream blend, which gives the fresh cream its distinctive softness.

    Cognac's flavor can be described by the aroma of fresh coffee beans, dark chocolate, and caramel-vanilla shades.



Artages brandy

This type of cognac is made from high-quality and juicy grapes, which only enhance the quality of the drink and create rich flavor layers.
In the Vino&Vino specialty store, you can find all types of Artages cognac, from 12 years old to 70 years old.

Armenian cognac is a spirit drink, known for its variety and delicate taste options. Since the 19th century, Armenian brandy has continued to develop, acquiring new types, flavors, and aromas. Thus, you can purchase Armenian brandy by visiting the Vino&Vino specialty store, or by ordering your preferred version by using the website as an Armenian brandy online shop. Here you can find the suiting brandy type, starting from the famous ARARAT brandy to a bouquet of armenian brandy xo.

The Rich History of Armenian Brandy: From Past to Present The Rich History of Armenian Brandy: From Past to Present

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