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Tequila: A Symbol of Mexican Culture and Heritage

Tequila: A Symbol of Mexican Culture and Heritage

A reflection on Mexican culture and heritage that goes back much further than we can imagine. It is said that the drink was first mentioned by the Aztecs, who made it from the leaves of the agave plant. After the Spanish invasion, it was subjected to more elaborate production, continuing to be popular to this day.

Today, the drink is associated with Mexico's deep culture and its vibrant fiestas, reflecting for many the essence and ancient customs of Mexico itself.


Tequila and the Mexican Culture


As we all know, this drink is made from the agave plant, but it's important to note that the main ingredients are the warm craftsmanship of the Mexicans and the richness of the land.

The preparation process involves extracting the agave juice, boiling it, and then fermenting it, and the result has captured the attention of Mexicans and the rest of the world.

In the early days, this process was done by hand, but now, in the age of advanced technology, the process is moving to a mechanized production process.

The Uniqueness of The Plant Agava

The cactus-like plant is preferred by many when ripe, as they claim that the ripe crop produces excellent tequila. This is due to the ripe piña of the plant, which contains a higher level of sugar. However, it should also be noted that some producers prefer the plant not to be fully ripe.

So the level of maturity of the agave affects the taste of the tequila. For example, the less mature agave tends to produce a simpler tequila that will have subtle plant notes. Overripe agave, on the other hand, produces a sweeter and fuller tequila, which is due to the fact that overripe agaves (also known as sober maturo) begin to produce acids that give extra flavor complexity, but also a slightly vinegary note.

The brands that produce the premium tequila claim that the agave used in the production is grown on land owned or leased by the distillery, which allows them to have full control over the care of the plants. After the plant is cut, it undergoes a cooking process using steam-heated stoves, which allows the agave to undergo a slow cooking process that takes about two days.

The Culture Reflection in a Bottle

Today, multiple factories are dedicated to the production of the beloved drink, so, here are some of them, that have really saved the traditions of this drink’s production, presenting the market with the real concept of tequila.

  • AVIÓN REPOSADO․ The brand is proud of its small batch production and perfect attention to detail. The drink is specifically aged for six months, providing the perfect balance between the smoothness of the brewed agave and the complexity of oak barrel aging. The smooth flavor combination and flavor notes of cherry, peach, and pear make the drink the first choice for tequila lovers.
  • OLMECA Blanco: A type of tequila with a bright and delicious composition, which is also considered the embodiment of the purity of this type of drink. Distilled from 100% blue agave, which gives the drink a clean taste, it is accompanied by a combination of clean citrus and black pepper. The drink can be taken as a separate drink or as a base for a refreshing Margarita.
  • OLMECA ALTOS Reposado: A combination of the artisanal processes of Olmeca and the traditions of Los Altos de Jalisco, with rich flavor notes. Aged for six to eight months in oak barrels, Olmeca Altos Reposado offers the perfect blend of fresh agave flavors and caramel shades. Some consider this type of tequila to be the true taste of Mexican heritage.

With its wide range of choices, tequila is more than just a drink. It is a drink with a rich history that has been perfected for centuries. As a result, today we have access to the flavor mixture of centuries of history and modern solutions that represent the rich culture and history of Mexico. Buy tequila online by just visiting the specialized website, where you will be able to purchase your preferred type of the above-mentioned drinks.

Tequila: A Symbol of Mexican Culture and Heritage Tequila: A Symbol of Mexican Culture and Heritage

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