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The best types of Armenian brandy

The best types of Armenian brandy

Due to their "nationality", Armenian cognacs are among the best cognacs in the world.

This has always been the case not only with cognacs but also with wines. Being an ancient nation, Armenians were also considered producers of good wines. There are many stories and legends about wines, in the Bible, in history books, etc. 

According to a legend, Noah's ark stopped on Mount Ararat during the flood. Noah released the dove to find land, and the bird returned with the olive branch. When the waters recede, Noah descends from the mountain and settles in the field. He was then six hundred years old. Together with his sons, he begins to grow grapes. It is believed that mankind experienced the taste of wine for the first time when Noah tasted the life-giving drink at the foot of Mount Ararat.
Ancient manuscripts and folk traditions prove that in the territory of modern Armenia winemaking and viticulture have been practiced since the 15th century BC. The works of Greek historians Herodotus, Xenophon, and Strabo mention that Armenian brandy was exported to neighboring countries for sale. The wine was of high quality, old and varied. Armenia is the country with the oldest tradition of growing grapes.

Thus, we understand that Armenians are very careful in preparing delicious food and drinks.
Armenian cognacs were also known during the USSR period, they received valuable awards, and occupied the first positions, for which they were widely recognized in different countries all over the world.

Now, let's see what are the best types of Armenian brandy.

Brandy Dvin

Dvin cognac has a long history. It has been produced in Yerevan since 1945.
Extra-aged in oak barrels, this bouquet has a woody-musty aroma, hints of clove and expensive cigar, and a rich, slightly sweet nutty flavor.
Loudness: 50 degrees. %, sugar content: 0.7%. It is dark golden, has a harmonious glow, and has a subtle vanilla shade. It is prepared from cognac spirits aged for more than 10 years.
Cognac Nairi

Ararat is a legendary name in the world of cognacs. No matter where you are in the country, you can find at least one Ararat cognac and at least hundreds of people who know about Ararat cognac.
Ararat cognac never ceases to surprise its fans, it is constantly renewed, keeping in itself an interesting mixture of old and new, which it passes on to people.
Cognac Nairi is made from cognac alcohols aged 20 years. It is beautiful with a dark undertone. It shines on the tables with its various shades. A harmonious, silky, complex, and delicate bouquet with a transforming balmy aroma of cedar tones. Cognac Nairi has a rich and complex taste, but the sensations are light and long-lasting.

Akhtamar Brandy

Akhtamar brandy is one of the best representatives of the best brandy series. This 10-year aging alcohol awakens the forgotten stories of legends and folklore.
Each glass of this legendary Armenian cognac contains the noble Armenian grapes, the air, and water of the Ararat valley, the freshness of the Armenian springs, and the immortal taste of the Caucasian oak.

Vaspurakan brandy

This excellent brandy is simply immortal. It is a kind of cognac. It has been developed since 1980, at the Yerevan cognac factory. The volume of strong is 40%, and the sugar content is 10%. "Vaspurakan" is dark golden, with a rich aroma, and a velvety shade of vanilla and chocolate. The total aging period is more than 18 years.
Each glass will give immortal feelings and long-lasting taste.

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