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ARARAT Three Stars

brandy, 0.25 L
Armenia / Yerevan

The three-year-old ARARAT Armenian brandy is the youngest in our range. A lively and spicy drink with a special character and rich taste that takes your breath away from the first sip. It’s nice to share it with family and friends. ARARAT "Three stars" has a fresh and original taste. We created this brandy from spirits aged for at least 3 years, which gave brightness and character to its taste, while retaining the shades of fresh, sun-filled grapes in the brandy’s aroma.
Important details
Color: Light amber color with sunny tints that will invariably draw the eye.
Taste: Intense yet harmonious, sweetish and slightly astringent at the end.
Aroma: Fruit trees literally bloom in the glass. They are set off by notes of butter and oak.

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