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brandy, 0.7 L
Armenia / Yerevan

Nairi is one of the ancient names of Armenia. We also named our 20-year-old Armenian brandy ARARAT “Nairi”, and it became the pinnacle of taste in the ARARAT range. Its noble blend is rightfully considered the pinnacle of Markar Sedrakyan's craftsmanship. 
We’ve been producing it at the Yerevan Brandy Company since 1967. Eighteen brandy spirits, the oldest of which has been aged for at least 55 years, give rise to a harmonious, silky and refined texture of this alcohol. In a multifaceted bouquet perfectly balanced shades of aging, thick sweetness, rich and immersive taste of rare softness are complemented by an unusually long aftertaste.

Important details

Color: Deep dark copper color with iridescent mahogany shades.
Taste: Each drop of the drink contains notes of toasted bread, spicy cloves, tones of cinnamon and honey.
Aroma: Spices, pine nut and honey notes are revealed against a background of balsamic hues. 

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