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ARARAT Vaspurakan

brandy, 0.5 L
Armenia / Yerevan

We proudly named this congratulatory brandy from the ARARAT range in honor of the medieval Armenian princedom – Vaspurakan, making it a real embodiment of the character and nobility of this country.
Thanks to a special combination of brandy distillates based on Armenian grape, there were born a rich compound bouquet of 15-year-old ARARAT “Vaspurakan” brandy and a harmonious composition of rich generous taste, in which a slight tartness at the end turns into a long noble aftertaste.

Important details

Color: Dark amber color with old gold tints. The drink in the glass looks beautiful in the sunlight.
Taste: Delicate with pronounced sweetness of Armenian dried fruits.
Aroma: A compound bouquet of spices, candied fruits, toasted bread and coffee

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