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ARARAT Yerevan

brandy, 0.7 L
Armenia / Yerevan

ARARAT Yerevan brandy has 57% alcohol strenght, which emphasizes the multifaceted aroma and full-bodied, lively taste of the brandy. Notes of prunes, creamy caramel, linden honey and almonds gently envelop in the bouquet and carry on with a spicy finish of pleasant burning and notes of citrus.

Created by the original recipe of eminent master-blender Markar Sedrakyan, ARARAT Yerevan brandy became the reflection of master's love for his native city and its centuries-old history. This is a modern reading of the heritage of the Yerevan Brandy Company and the embodiment of the true craftsmanship of Armenian brandy makers.

According to legend, Markar Sedrakyan created this magnificent rugged drink for participants of polar expeditions. The brilliant master wanted for people, even in the most severe conditions of the arctic North, to be able to warm up and enjoy the gifts of the tender Armenian sun and Armenia’s generous land.

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