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ARARAT Dvin Collection Reserve

brandy, 0.7 L
Armenia / Yerevan

We call it “diplomatic brandy”, since it was ARARAT “Dvin” that accompanied many historical meetings of world significance. It has been produced according to the original recipe since the 1940s and has an increased strength of 50%. ARARAT "Dvin" is a worthy gift brandy of 10 years of aging. After its preparation, we additionally age the brandy blend in oak casks for three years, which gives its structured bouquet an excellent balance of strength and softness, and its tart taste – special oak shades that continue into a long dry aftertaste.
Important details
Color: Intense dark amber color with rich warm mahogany tints.
Taste: The deep notes of hazelnut and spices are the most intense tastes.
Aroma: Bright spices complement tobacco leaf, shades of cloves and dried fruit tones.

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