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ARARAT Charles Aznavour Signature Blend

brandy, 0.75 L
Armenia / Yerevan

ARARAT Charles Aznavour Signature Blend radiating a deep dark amber with light mahogany and golden reflections. The complex bouquet is a symphony of old wood, caramel toffee, and chocolate with a rich aroma. Rich and smooth with hints of licorice and dried fruit overtones. Long and persistent with a perfectly balanced finish. Aged 25 years. Alc. by vol. 40%

The unique blend includes rare vintage spirits, reflecting the dates of the important milestones of Aznavour’s creative life.
1956. Notes of First Triumph: Debut Performance at the Olympia in Paris
1960. Notes of Global Fame: The launch of “Je m'voyais déjà” song, Rise of International Recognition
1981. Notes of Eternal Passion: Creation of a classic hit “Une vie d'amour”

“My profession is an act of love, it is my passion. I put my soul into my creations. I am an artist. I am a Craftsman.” These words, expressed by Charles Aznavour, a legend not only in France and Armenia, but around the world, are also true for all the masters of the legendary Armenian brandy ARARAT. The master blender of the Yerevan Brandy Company was inspired by the unique creative journey of the artist and has reflected it in his selection of spirits ensuring that Charles Aznavour 25 year-old Signature Blend offers an authentic and generous taste of Armenia.

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