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VALDESPINO Manzanilla en rama DELICIOSA Primavera 2019

VALDESPINO Manzanilla en rama DELICIOSA Primavera 2019

sherry, 0.375 L
Spain / Andalusia / Manzanilla de Sanlucar de Barrameda D. O.


Color: pale strawy golden yellow color Nose: Intense maritime saline aroma.
Palate: It has very complex aromas of roasted toasted almond palate with ripe apple in the background.
Food pairing: Ideal with all kinds of seafood and fish and to accompany soups and creams.. seafood stews.
Serving temperature: serve slightly chilled 10º-12ºC.

While Valdespino is better known for its Fino Inocente than for Manzanilla, it has strong connections to Sanlúcar through La Guita (part of the same group) as well as with the Deliciosa brand, a brand which existst since the early 20th century. Manzanilla Deliciosa is maintained at the Bodega La Guita – both brand are part of the Estévez group.

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