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Campo Viejo

Campo Viejo is the leading wine brand from Spain's famous Rioja region and the top seller in its category worldwide.Campo Viejo brings Rioja winemaking traditions up-to-date. The unique micro-climate of Rioja allows the grapes to benefit from a wide variety of climates and soil types. The region’s most famous red grape variety is Tempranillo, however, it also produces smaller amounts of Garnacha, Graciano and Mazuelo. Rioja white wines are only beginning to gain recognition, but recently Campo Viejo launched a new Viura Tempranillo Blanco wine. Each wine blend, crafted by Campo Viejo winemakers, creates modern twists on traditional winemaking methods to deliver progressive styles of Rioja wines that satisfy today’s discerning modern palates.Campo Viejo has a long, proud history dating back to 1959 when Beristain and Ortigüela, two talented Rioja winemakers, joined forces. Their wine was slowly recognised by experts in the sector and, by the 1970s, they had turned Campo Viejo into the leading Rioja wine brand.Leading, Campo Viejo clearly is, by the volume of wine it produces. Its wine production alone, about 2 million cases (12-bottle cases, equivalent to 9 liters) represents nearly a 10% of the Rioja DOCa region’s total output. The winery sources grapes from about 6400 ha of vineyards (nearly 16K acres), mainly from local vine growers, and owns 230 ha of estate vineyards (570 acres).